Social Housing

We have completed significant renovations and upgrades to a number of buildings for Single Resident Occupancy accommodation. We have substantial heritage upgrade experience in our Group, and we have significant experience in renovations of existing facilities.

Central Residence  Vancouver, BC

Located at 42 East Cordova St, this City of Vancouver project involves the renovation of an existing 1910-era heritage building. The building has 65 single room occupancies.


Granville Residence  Vancouver, BC

This 2,476 sm project is an upgrade to an old hotel at 1261 Granville to provide 82 SRO housing units. The work includes numerous fire and safety upgrades to the old building and adding private washrooms to all units, and in some cases converting three units to two larger units. The upgraded facility includes a new hotel lobby and lounge for the residents. The ground floor retail spaces are upgraded to accommodate a higher quality of tenant. As well as providing low income accommodation this project provided a needed face-lift in the 1200 block Granville for the benefit of all neighbours.



Gresham Hotel  Vancouver, BC

The project began with a feasibility study of the existing 1,510 sm hotel building and retail commercial space at grade. The building is owned by the City of Vancouver.The Building provides affordable, good quality housing for low income single people and upgraded retail space for lease. The project received an Urban Development Institute affordable housing award.