Health Care

The firm has designed specialized renovations in hospitals and health care facilities, including facilities for equipment as specialized as an MRI "scanning" machine. Full services that included contract administration were provided.

Pharmacy, Dawson Creek Hospital  Dawson Creek, BC

Renovation of 280 sm (3,014 sf) shelled-in space at Dawson Creek & District Hospital to provide an enhanced Pharmacy Department complete with Offices, Library/Conference Room, Inventory, Packaging, Dispensary, Sterile, Narcotics and Storage Rooms. Design by Bernard Perretin Architects.



BC Children's Hospital  Vancouver, BC

The project generally includes reconfiguration of the existing approximate 93 sm (1,000 sf) of space currently used for Ultrasound Scanning, Technologist Work Area and Radiologist Reporting Area. The new layout provides at 4 scanning rooms, improved staff work area, and 2 shared washrooms. The scanning rooms are designed to provide a comfortable environment for parents and a fun environment for the child so that they will feel relaxed, safe and friendly. The rooms are filled with delightful color that help to relieve feeling of anxiety.


UBC Hospital Koerner Pavilion
Brain Research Laboratory
 Vancouver, BC

This is a 300 sm (93 sf) renovation at UBC Hospital to provide laboratory and equipment room for brain research and supporting offices. The space is designed as a generic lab space with built-in provision for brain research specified equipment such as Applied Biosystems DNA sequencers.

Travel Clinic  Vancouver, BC

This facility for the Vancouver Richmond Health Board provides information and vaccinations to Canadians travelling abroad. The clinic was designed with a suitable "foreign travel" interior concept.



Chest Clinic  New Westminster, BC

This clinic for the B.C. Centre for Disease Control is located in St. Mary's Hospital, New Westminster, BC. The facility includes waiting room, reception, nurses and doctors offices, examination room and records storage. The project included installation of a special self contained air handling unit completely separated from the hospital HVAC with air discharge at the hospital roof level.




Dentistry Building Renovations, UBC  Vancouver, BC

This project consisted of ground and third floor alterations of Laboratory and Research space. Initial meetings were held with the users in determining space requirements. Once the needs were defined, a program was established and a phased construction plan was produced. The alterations provided research space for wet lab/biotechnology activities, patient treatment, computer analysis activities and photography.



BC Cancer Agency, Fluoroscopy Unit  Vancouver, BC

Renovations to an existing space to facilitate replacement of the existing fluoroscopy unit. Detailed coordination with the equipment supplier and mechanical and electrical consultants was required. In addition, careful construction procedures were required due to the constraints of construction in a patient services area of a 24/7 facility.



Vancouver General Hospital MRI Renovation  Vancouver, BC

530 sm (5,700 sf) renovations of the existing MRI space in the Central Pavilion of VGH and the addition of a new MRI unit within the space. Achievements include a full update of the existing patient services area, improving patient waiting areas, the technical support area, and the MRI facility, all to be constructed without interruption to the service provision of the existing MRI which is in use continually, except in middle hours of the night.




BC Cancer Agency, MRI Unit  Vancouver, BC

This project included renovations to existing office space to accommodate a new MRI unit and associated clinic spaces, including computer support space, patient change areas, radiologist work areas, patient preparation areas and reception. The new MRI unit is located in a room fully integrated into the existing building in a new shielded room. Coordination of transport of the MRI unit and the room components required precision detailing including the delivery route through the building.



MRI Facility, UBC Hospital  Vancouver, BC

This project includes alterations to an existing hospital to accommodate a MRI scanner, comptuer room, control room, patient area, reception, research area, and staff lounge. The assignment involved meetings with users, preparation of alternative concepts, designs, and contract administration during construction.



B.C. Cancer Agency Radiation Therapy Vaults  Vancouver, BC

A feasibility study for the BC Cancer Agency to provide a conceptual design for two new replacement radiation therapy vaults in an existing building. The design studies throughout the process were directed towards producing a functional, cost effective and attractive addition.



Richmond General Hospital Renovations  Richmond, BC

We have completed four renovations for Richmond General Hospital. These include reconfiguring the admitting areas and file rooms, renovations to the Histology and ECG departments, and most recently the provision of a new Ambulatory Care Facility on the main floor of the hospital.