Home Renovations

Chernoff Thompson Architects are frequently called upon to design renovations of private homes.


Residential Renovation  Lynn Valley, BC

This home in North Vancouver was expanded to provide a third bedroom, a new den/office, a large family room, and a laundry. The family room which has a vaulted ceiling with skylights and exposed heavy trusses open onto the existing kitchen. A small skylight breakfast nook opens off the family room. This addition was designed to upgrade the appearance and accommodation of thsi home.



Residential Renovation  Point Grey, Vancouver, BC

An old two storey Point Grey home with cedar shingle siding required major renovations to accommodate an elderly parent in the family home. A new second storey provided bedrooms with spectacular views for the master bedroom and parent room. A stair lift was installed for ease of access and limited renovations occured on the main floor to enhance the living area including a family room expansion.




Residential Renovation  Point Grey, Vancouver, BC

A renovation to a single storey old Point Grey home with shingle siding. The original one storey street facade was retained and a new second storey was added along with expansion to the side and rear to create new bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, family room and in home offices. Key design objectives included compatibility with the existing neighbourhood, maintaining the original character and providing a bright, comfortable living environment.



Residential Renovation  North Vancouver, BC

The site contained a small non-conforming heritage house, which was retained for bonus space; a family room and garage. The remainder of the full zoning area of the site was used by a new home, complete, with an indoor pool.


Residential Renovation  Vancouver, BC

A full floor condominium facing the English Bay in downtown Vancouver was conceived as one of the vacation homes for a couple from the United States.