Chernoff Thompson Architects have been called upon to do a number of planning studies for undeveloped sites and sites with existing development. These studies have examined the feasibility and established master plans for their development over time.


Surrey City Development Corporation
Clean Energy Technology Park
 Campbell Heights North, Surrey, BC

A visonary master plan to provide a hub for research, manufacturing and commercial use for the clean energy sector and other associated supporting technology sectors. This unique tech park is intended to become a living lab for the advancement of clean energy technology. The total site area is about 10 hectares (25 acres).



Canada Education Park, Streetscape and Wayfinding  Chilliwack, BC

Conceived as a series of landmarks to the new Canada Education Park, the signage design of the Park consists of a solid concrete base with simple geometric form. The new Canada Education Park will be the focus of higher education in the area, offering many possibilities in shaping the future. The goal is to provide a corporate identity through signage and to provide navigation way-finding for visitors. During the construction process, CTA coordinated with Welder Engineering (Prime Consultant) for phasing of the streetscape and signage installation with respect to the road work and infrastructural upgrade of the project. Careful phasing and access diversion was carried out with close coordination with various users on site.



UVic Properties Ocean Technology Park  North Saanich, BC

A multi-phased visonary Master Plan for the property presently used as a Marine Tech Park. The property is owned by the University of Victoria and managed by UVic properties. The Master Plan provides new building space for scientific, research, and commercial use for the ocean and marine industry sectors. This unique research park will become a focal point for ocean science research on a national and international level.



North Island College Master Plan  Vancouver Island, BC

The North Island College Campus is a welcoming natural setting with a two storey scale and abundance of forest trees integrated into the campus. CTA was retained to assist the College in identifying impacts of a new major hospital on an adjacent site and to develop an updated master plan for the future that considers the hospital and potential synergies.



Chilliwack Campus, University of the Fraser Valley  Chilliwack, BC

The University of the Fraser Valley acquired an 85 acre land parcel in Chilliwack, BC, which was surplus as a military base. Chernoff Thompson Architects worked with the University-College of the Fraser Valley to develop a sustainable Campus Master Plan through an inclusive, consultative process that will incorporate reusable existing facilities and a plan for future buildings.



Abbotsford Campus, University of the Fraser Valley  Abbotsford, BC

On completion of the master plan concept for the UFV Chilliwack campus, our team was retained to review and develop an update for their Abbotsford Campus Master Plan. The inclusive process with UFV and stakeholders, structure of information gathering and strong conceptual approach to the site were key factors in our selection for the 19.1 hectares (47 acres) Abbotsford Campus.



Simon Fraser University TASC2 Precinct  Burnaby, BC

SFU developed an initial master plan for the Technology and Science Complex Precinct in the south east campus. As architect for one of the buildings in the precinct, TASC2 Laboratory, CTA was retained separately to study potential future expansion options for an updated precinct master plan.


False Creek Research Park  Vancouver, BC

CTA was retained to prepare a master plan for a large land parcel in the city of Vancouver. This area would provide 4 buildings in a research setting for private technology firms to occupy. One building is complete and another has begun construction.


Technology Enterprise Facility 3, UBC Campus  Vancouver, BC

Discovery Parks Trust has developed three private research facilities on the University of British Columbia Campus. As architect for these facilities CTA was engaged to establish a masterplan for the three buildings with consideration of future growth, building area potential and integration as part of the UBC fabric.


Justice Institute of British Columbia  Maple Ridge, BC

The JIBC Maple Ridge Campus is a unique fire and safety training centre located in a naturally forested rural area. As master planners for the campus, CTA prepared a plan that accommodates teaching training props and support buildings with the idea of creating a "rural village" scale and ambience.



UNBC Master Plan Update, UNBC Campus  Prince George, BC

The initial master plan for the University of Northern British Columbia is reflected in the current built campus. On completion of the first phase of construction, the UNBC has updated the plan to reflect their current vision for the future. CTA assisted the university in the preparation of the updated master plan and provide ongoing consulting advice in a Co-ordinating Architect capacity on campus planning issues.



Technology Place Master Plan, BCIT Campus  Burnaby, BC

A feasibility study of 3 storey high technology tenant buildings on the BCIT campus. Total floor area of the entire complex is comprised of one 4,000 sm (43,000 sf) building and two 3,160 sm (34,000 sf) buildings. The first building was completed in March 2000. Challenges included accommodating parking needs as well as integrating into the existing campus.



KAON Factory Study, UBC  Vancouver, BC

The new KAON Factory at the University of British Columbia was to be located at the existing TRIUMF site. The new facility would have involved a massive enlargement of the existing Meson Facility, undertaking particle physics research utilizing an underground accelerator ring. On completion, the facility would have been one of only two pion therapy locations in the world to keep Canada in the forefront of world intermediate energy research.



Atcan Business Park  Burnaby, BC

This business park is on 11 hectares (28 acres) of land along the shore of the Fraser River in Burnaby. The property was owned by Atkinson Canada, and occupied by Commonwealth Construction, IWS, and other firms. This design was for the development of the business park to accommodate additional high technology based industries.




GATV Technology Research Park  Atlanta, Georgia

In a new research park, The University Funding Foundation, required a master plan and highly flexible multi-tenant research buildings for lease to private organzations. The facilities are capable of accommodating a wide range of research (wet or dry) and facilitating economical, minimum disruption change over the life of the building. This was a collaboration of Chernoff Thompson Architects and Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart and Associates Inc.




Justice Institute of British Columbia
Chilliwack Campus Master Plan
 Chilliwack, BC

The 2 hectares (5.3 acres) Chilliwack Campus of JIBC is located within the precinct of Canada Education Park. There is an existing residential building which was converted into a student residence as phase 1 of the development. Buildings will vary from 2 to 4 storeys high and will be comprised of academic, teaching, library, student gathering, cafeteria and workshop space to suit their potential programs.

Poirier (West) Planning Study  Coquitlam, BC

A planning study for a recreation precinct including a seniors centre, community centre, lawn bowling facility, tennis facility, youth facility and community hall.