Research Buildings

Chernoff Thompson Architects have designed many research buildings for a diverse range or research ranging from bio-medical, to chemistry, to marine to nuclear physics. We have also completed many laboratory interior projects for university, government and corporate clients. For additional laboratory and research facilities refer to the University and Laboratory pages.



TRIUMF ARIEL Building  Vancouver, BC

A new 3,822 sm (41,000 sf) highly technical particle physics laboratory that provides a new target hall, rare isotope beam annex, and support laboratory, mechanical and electrical space. A new beam-line tunnel connects the building to the main cyclotron. Features of the facility include thick concrete walls up to 2.7 m (9 ft) in areas, remote handling cranes, and complex mechanical and electrical systems.



TRIUMF Compressor Building  Vancouver, BC

A new 408 sm (4,400 sf) building on the TRIUMF campus at the University of British Columbia which comprises a large technically complex space for cryogenic equipment for the process cooling for the new e-linac for the ARIEL building. As well, space is provided for bicycle storage and end of trip change rooms to serve the entire campus.




CBCL Agri Innovation Building  

The new 2,500 sm (27,000 sf) Agri Innovation Building for the Agritech Research Park campus will provide processing, lab and office space to facilitate small pilot plant activities for product/process development as well as the typical agri/biotech commercialization needs. The building design is a successful response to the key objectives developed during a charette in which strong emphasis was placed on flexibility for tenants, robust infrastructure and creating a building that establishes an identity for the Atlantic Centre for Agri Innovation.






Surrey City Development Corporation
Clean Energy Commercialization Centre
 Campbell Heights, North Surrey, BC

The Commercialization Centre will be the first multi-tenant building developed by Surrey Development Corporation in the Clean Energy Technology Park. The building will be a showcase of sustainable high performance commercial building. The building will contain a 930 sm (10,000 sf) Tech Shop, a 280 sm (3,000 sf) centre of dialogue, a fitness room and food services for shared use by the tenants within the whole Clean Energy Park. The building design is highly flexible in space planning and infrastructure which supports the specific needs of clean energy tenants as well as other research, manufacturing and commercial use.


Life Sciences Research Institute, Dalhousie University  Halifax, NS

This project includes two four storey towers connected by an Atrium, which together provide over 14,500 sm (155,000 sf) of space for Medical Research, Bioscience Research and an Incubator Lab facility. The planning concepts of the facility focusing on flexibility and the ability to accommodate a high level of churn. The Atrium provides entry, informal meeting zones, quiet zones, and space for larger gatherings and academic presentations, and presents a cathedral -like hall, filled with light that bounces far into the middle of the building.


TRIUMF Badge Building  Vancouver, BC

A custom-designed transportable modular building to serve as the main gateway to the secured portion of TRIUMF campus. This facility contains sophisticated secuirty, monitoring and radiation detection devices that meets CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Council) requirement for radioactive facilities in Canada.



TRIUMF Stores Building  Vancouver, BC

A new 722 sm (7,800 sf) building on the TRIUMF campus at the University of British Columbia which provides secured storage on the main floor for machinery maintenance and manufacturing components, and office space for the technical design department on the 2nd floor. It also functions as a secured gateway for delivery vehicles and personnel to the campus.


Abgenix Biopharma  Burnaby, BC

Located on Enterprise Street in Burnaby, the $16 million building is 5,620 sm (60,500 sf) in size and comprised of research laboratories. The facilities include wet labs, a robotics lab and offices and is furnished with state of the art equipment including biosafety cabinets. This building was done in collaboration with SRG Partnership.



Metro Vancouver Sustainability Academy
Annacis Centre for Research and Education
 Annacis Island, Delta, BC

This design is for a research facility whose focus is on waste water technology and reuse. It contains major education and outreach components which aim to promote the importance of water conservation to the public. The project encompasses sustainability goals, academics and research into one built form.



Echelon Innovation Centre  Vancouver, BC

A 6,875 sm (74,000 sf) multi-tenant facility designed to accommodate a range of potential uses including retail office and biotechnology research. The site is situated in a diverse neighbourhood that has a mix of residential and commercial uses. A key component of this project is the relocation and restoration of the "Shaw House", an existing heritage house on site.



Technology Enterprise Park Phase 2  Atlanta, Georgia

This is the 2nd multi-tenant commercial research building that Gateway Development is planning to develop in collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology in the Technology Enterprise Park in Atlanta, Georgia. The building is about 11,520 sm (124,000 sf) with a typical floor plate of 2,300 sm (25,000 sf).



TEF III, University of British Columbia  Vancouver, BC

This 10,498 sm (113,000 sf) six-storey building is the third Discovery Parks Trust multi-tenant research building on the UBC campus and integrates space designed for laboratory, office, retail and information technology use. This facility is the first Silver LEED™ certified laboratory building in Canada and 6th LEED™ certified building in Canada.



University of Victoria MTF  Victoria, BC

A two storey multi-tenant research facility for Discovery Parks Incorporate on the University of Victoria campus. It provides suitable floor to floor height and floor plate for laboratory layouts and support office space. Particular attention was placed on ensuring the new laboratory building fits into the existing context and relates to the surrounding university buildings.


False Creek Research Park  Vancouver, BC

The first of two buildings planned for a site located on the False Creek Flats. Owned by Discovery Parks Incorporated, the 7,246 sm (78,000 sf) building is designed to support flexible spaces tailored to laboratory use having a high emphasis on wet labs.



Technology Place
British Columbia Institute of Technology
 Burnaby, BC

A 3,159 sm (34,000 sf) three-storey multi-tenant research building on the BCIT Campus incorporating photovoltaic panels and general "green design" principles. Owned by Discovery Parks Incorporated, this building provides flexible space for both dry and wet laboratory uses.


Ministry of Forests Research Lab  Surrey, BC

This 557 sm (6,000 sf) Laboratory building at the Green Timbers reforestation site in Surrey provides facilities for the study of tree growth. The new building has a rural character to suit its forested site adjoining green houses and tree-farms.


Donald Rix MTF, University of British Columbia  Vancouver, BC

A 5,017 sm (54,000 sf) four-storey building, privately owned by Discovery Parks Incorporated and located on the University of British Columbia Campus. This facility was designed to accommodate a wide range of research organizations.


Gerald McGavin MTF, University of British Columbia  Vancouver, BC

A 3,344 sm (36,000 sf) research facility was constructed for Discovery Parks Incorporated on the University of British Columbia campus. The building accommodates tenants from the private sector who require both office and laboratory space for research.



TRIUMF ISAC1  Vancouver, BC

TRIUMF, the particle physics research laboratory at the University of British Columbia expanded to create a new unique facility to produce intense beams of unstable isotopes to stay in the forefront of physics research.




GATV Technology Research Park Phase 1
Georgia Institute of Technology
  Atlanta, GA

Georgia Institute of Technology constructed a highly flexible multi-tenant research building for lease to private organizations. The facility is capable of accommodating a wide range of research (wet or dry) and facilitating economical, minimum disruption change over the life of the building. This project was done as a collaboration with Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates Inc. and was awarded ULI Atlanta Project of Excellence in 2007

Meditech 1, Vancouver General Hospital Precinct  Vancouver, BC

A new multi tenant wet/dry laboratory research building intended for research, clinical and office activities with commercial retail space at street level. Located at Vancouver General Hospital Precinct, the ten storey facility will maximize usable floor area to take full advantage of the opportunity to locate life science users in the hospital precinct. This building is significantly taller than most research buildings which are typically 4-6 storeys.