CTA Celebrates 40th Anniversary!

Today, we celebrate Chernoff Thompson Architects’ 40th anniversary and the momentous journey we’ve undergone. Chernoff Thompson Architects was started from the ground up in Vancouver B.C. by Russell Chernoff and our late Rand Thompson in 1981. Since then, we have expanded our partnership to include Naomi Gross, Tony Yip, and Vicki Sucic Hruskovec.

We want to thank all past and present clients and collaborators since their support is a great part of why we’re continually going strong. Over the course of 40 years at CTA, we’ve completed countless projects working for Biotech Research, Universities, Healthcare and Government Facilities. To highlight a few successes, SFU TASC 2 and TRIUMF ARIEL were 2 of the most significant projects in the history of CTA, with the largest amount of senior staff working on them at same time.

We are so lucky to have some of the best team members at Chernoff Thompson Architects—we can only describe them as people who are driven, exciting to be around, and dedicated to every project they’ve tackled. To our CTA team, thank you!


“The Link” on East Broadway / Kaslo

“The Link” on East Broadway / Kaslo Building Project Progress: Watch our Architect (and friendly giant) try out the new play bench at “The Link”, a children and family hub on East Broadway/Kaslo. Having fun isn’t just for kids, parents and adults alike can enjoy themselves too in this one-size-fits-all seating arrangement.

National Research Council Canada – ATP Integration Facility, at theDominion Astrophysical Observatory, West Saanich

Do you prefer a bird’s eye or worm’s eye view? Our favourite way to feel on top of the world is by taking the boom lift up for roofing inspection. But standing inside a 63ft tall single storey building is a surefire way to feel secure on the ground.


City of Vancouver West Broadway Project

Development, Planning & Sustainability Department, @CityofVancouver’s newest workplace spans 5 levels and 30 000 square feet of collaborative and individual work spaces. The design embraces a 100% modular wall system, personal & small group meeting pods, and AV technology integration with 250+ standard & flex work points—all pieces ripe for moving in. Get ready to return to the post-pandemic office with a work-style of your choice and some amazing views.


2020 CTA Wrap Up

After having to switch onto the digital world and work from home due to the global pandemic, we’re taking this time to reflect on all of our accomplishments at CTA!

  1. 60 Completed Projects
  2. 20 Virtual Happy Hours
  3. 54 New Projects
  4. 144 Virtual Team Meetings