Co-create, Transpire, Actualize

Our design process is simple.

We pride ourselves on being intensely process orientated while focusing on client needs and the end user experience. Architecture is an exploratory process that seeks to challenge assumptions and problem solve to provide new design solutions. We always re-think a problem from multiple angles. But we don’t go alone on this journey of discovery and design inspiration. Instead, we value collaboration and believe in working hand-in-glove with our clients and consultant teams,. Together, we develop innovative and successful designs. It’s why an extremely high percentage of our projects make it through to construction. Our designs are made to be built.

Collaboration is our method. We work together with our clients. Freshness and sustainability are our mantras and they guide us to innovative solutions on every assignment we undertake.


Cherrnoff Thompson Architect (CTA) is a partnership under the leadership of Russell Chernoff, Naomi Gross, Tony Yip, and Vicki Sucic Hruskovec. We are based in Vancouver, BC and specialize in innovative, holistic design solutions for our Advanced Education, Healthcare, Biotech/Science, Public/Civic, and Workplace clients. Established in 1981, we have continued to expand our scope of practice with projects throughout Canada and the US. We also have affiliated firms under overlapping ownership: Chernoff Thompson Architects North in Prince George, BC, and Jensen Chernoff Thompson Architects in Victoria, BC


We are a dynamic team driven by progressiveness and innovation, constantly pushing beyond boundaries to create a better future

With a team of individuals hailing from 20 different countries, we nurture an inclusive and collaborative working environment throughout the organization by bringing together our staff’s diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and approaches. This allows us to explore with curiosity, respect, and inclusivity, leading us to discover unique solutions to everyday challenges and complex scenarios. Our team’s energy, forward-thinking progressiveness, and innovation inspire us to surpass boundaries and achieve remarkable design feats together.

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Our Workplace

At CTA, we always strive to improve workplace desirability in our designs. It just makes sense that our own office incorporates these elements too. Our space is designed for optimal workflow and includes dual-monitor workstations, as well as bookable private and collaboration rooms. The majority of our furnishings incorporate sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and footrests. We also offer extended health benefits and free gym access within our building for all full-time staff. To ensure employee safety, and maintain client confidentiality, there is required card access to our office. We host a number of social events throughout the year, such as a summer boat cruise and an annual Christmas dinner, and reimburse taxis afterwards to make sure everyone has a fun and safe time.

Innovation and Leading-edge Design: The CTA Success Story

Innovation has always been CTA’s mission. From its inception in 1981, CTA’s founding partners have pursued leading edge projects with a focus on the Science, Engineering and Higher Education sectors.
From initial projects for Triumph and UBC to our expansion into the biotechnology industry as our firm and expertise grew, CTA has remained committed to design excellence. Throughout the firm’s history, we have worked with numerous Science/Biotech clients, developing unparalleled architectural knowledge and creating long-lasting relationships with our clients in the process. We believe our experience speaks for itself.

Environmental Consciousness

Our office has a built-in recycling centre, lots of desk-side recycling bins and reduced garbage container size to support the City of Vancouver’s Zero Waste Management challenge. 45% of our current workstations are dual-monitor and 95% of them use to larger format to minimize printing. We’re working towards a paper-free environment so our technical library has reduced its paper by 70% by increasing our digital filing. We’re right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, just blocks away from the gorgeous waterfront of Coal Harbour and just a half an hour walk from Stanley Park.