Co-create, Transpire, Actualize

Our design process is simple.

C – Co-create. We work hand in glove with our clients.
T – Transpire. We come to the table with no pre-conceived notions. Through engagement with the client, thorough research and studies we have found a solution evolves that is unique to each project.
A – Actualize. Because we are quality and budget conscious while providing innovative, fully resolved and thoughtful solutions, an extremely high percentage of our projects make it through to construction.

For us, itʼs not just about the final outcome. We pride ourselves in being intensely process oriented and we focus on the end users and the clientʼs experience.

At CTA, we always re-think a problem. It is an exploratory process that results in a shift in perception and challenging assumptions. And ultimately result in a new definition of what the design solution should be. It’s a very exciting process of discovery and design inspiration. We don’t go alone on this journey or arrive at solutions by ourselves. Instead, we pride ourselves on being excellent collaborators and integrators with our clients and consulting team. Together, we develop a creative and successful design.

At CTA we’re in love with architecture. For us, this means that the CTA principals actually work on projects themselves and are directly involved in the problem solving process.

Collaboration is our method. We work together with our clients. Freshness and sustainability are our mantras and they guide us to innovative solutions on every assignment we undertake.


Chernoff Thompson Architects (CTA) is a partnership that is under the leadership of Russell Chernoff, Naomi Gross,Tony Yip and Vicki Sucic Hruskovec. We are Vancouver based, and specialize in innovative, holistic design solutions for Post-Secondary Education, Civic, Corporate and Public Sector Clients. Established in 1981 in Vancouver, we have continued to expand our scope of practice with projects throughout BC, across Canada and the USA. We also have affiliated firms under overlapping ownership: Chernoff Thompson Architects North in Prince George, BC and Jensen Chernoff Thompson Architects in Victoria, BC. Currently, we have active projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Washington State and Hawaii. Our goodwill, financial stability and knowledge will continue to sustain and contribute to the wellbeing of society.


Our nature is collaboration. So you’ll find at CTA an open studio environment where all levels of staff work and share in the same space. We believe in the exchange of ideas and shared technical support among different design teams. We are culturally diverse with 15 different countries represented and 15 different languages spoken. Over 50% of our staff is female. We prize personal and professional development and advancement. You can grow with this company and we support our employee professional development.

Want to know more? Listen to our CTA employees.

CTA Workplace

At CTA we always design to improve workplace desirability in all our projects. So it just makes sense that our own office incorporates these essentials. Our space is designed to improve work flow planning, and includes dual-monitor stations, privacy and team rooms, as well as, collaboration rooms. 98% of the furnishings are modular workstations with cable management and ergonomic chairs. We also have footrests, sit-stands stations and rocking stools. We provide free gym facilities to our staff within the base building. And we offer extended health care benefits for all full-time staff. To ensure our employee’s safety, there is card access to the office and base building. And we reimburse for taxis after our parties.

Environmental Consciousness

Our office has a built-in recycling centre, lots of desk-side recycling bins and reduced garbage container size to support the City of Vancouver’s Zero Waste Management challenge. 45% of our current workstations are dual-monitor and 95% of them use to larger format to minimize printing. We’re working towards a paper-free environment so our technical library has reduced its paper by 70% by increasing our digital filing. We’re right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, just blocks away from the gorgeous waterfront of Coal Harbour and just a half an hour walk from Stanley Park.