Industrial can have character

Summerland Research and Development Centre, Mechanical/Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

The project included the addition of 3 cooling towers, replacement of the condenser water system, chilled water system, controls, air handling unit upgrade, central air handling system upgrade and other mechanical and electrical upgrades.

A facility service building was provided to service the cooling towers. It contains a maintenance office, auto-feed equipment, storage of chemical pallets, and testing equipment. We designed the building to complement the natural landscape of the site. The use of materials and the facade composition is carefully detailed to give the building a contemporary character, despite its industrial nature.

Seamless design

Government of BC Accommodation, Office Fit-out at 4000 Seymour Place, Victoria

The ask was an interior tenant fit-out of the Northwest Quadrant at the main level of premises leased by the Government of BC.

The new layout accommodated 50 new Workpoints and includes meeting rooms, quiet rooms, privacy rooms, enclosed offices, support space, collaborative spaces, a kitchenette and some open work stations. As part of the Client’s design criteria, the interior of the new space was designed to be a seamless transition from one tenant space to the next. The project includes enclosed offices, privacy rooms, quiet rooms and meeting rooms which are all constructed of demountable partitioning.

We employed generic planning and design at the project’s beginning and then modified during the construction to accommodate the specific.

Pre-fab, and pretty fab

TRIUMF – Badge Building, UBC

The first phase of the new Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL) was the construction of a security entry called the Badge Building.

It allows entry for the whole TRIUMF campus at UBC and may be one of the most technologically advanced security passthroughs ever built. The Badge Building is a pre-fabricated modular building that was built off site and transported to the location. It connects to ARIEL through a breezeway that serves as the main entry element to the secured (behind a fence) portion of the campus. A steel/wood composite structure with wood finishing elements was used to showcase the high-quality pre-fabricated construction. Full height glass helps display  movement and animate the surroundings.