We ‘flame’ to please with the design of Coquitlam’s Live Fire Training Building.

Coquitlam Live Fire (Burn) Training Building

The facility simulates a low-rise apartment building, providing firefighters with essential hands-on training in real world scenarios.

The building is constructed from metal shipping containers and features three specially designed burn rooms of various sizes. The internal stairways, ladders, and doorways that connect the rooms and provide access to the upper floors teach firefighters how to safely move through buildings with hoses and other equipment. Large outdoor decks off the second and third floors can be accessed through the building or by ladder from the ground in various rescue scenarios. To date, the facility has enabled training exercises related to smoke and heat theory, live fire attack, officer command training, hose and pump practice, confined space rescue practice, ventilation training, high-angle rope rescues, and rapid intervention training to rescue other firefighters. The building can also be used for hazardous materials training and will continue to be an asset for firefighters throughout Coquitlam and BC.

It takes training to look this good.

Surrey Fire Services Training Centre

This Fire Services Training Centre marks the start of something new.

An expansive replacement of the previous facility, this building now boasts all new amenities in a stylish and sustainable space. We upgraded it all: a wet training room, 3 new classrooms, state-of-the-art audio-visual provisions in every training room, a larger kitchen and dining area. Even the roof got a makeover, with an action training deck. A cost-efficient design means it can add value back into the City of Surrey and its residents. It’s more than a place to bench weights, this building benchmarks the next era for fire service training in its own city as well as other municipalities.

This fire hall deserves its own calendar

Surrey Fire Hall #14

The first civic building that visitors encounter when they enter Canada via the Douglas Birder Crossing is a very different looking, new fire hall…..

Designed to reflect the heritage of the Surrey Fire Service, it also provides a contemporary modern facility. The main exterior finish is red clay brick with a textured concrete black base. Arches frame the brick cladding over the apparatus bay doors in front and at the main stair tower. Arched windows and fully glazed overhead doors offer views from the fire hall and show off what’s going on inside.

In the fireman’s fitness area, a glazed overhead door allows crews to open the space to an outdoor terrace and let the fireman be the “eyes on the street” for the neighbourhood. Inside is equally multi-purposed. The floor plan has the crew dormitories on the ground floor and kitchen/dining spaces upstairs. Naturally, the crew uses a brass fire pole to speed up nighttime response times. Glazing is used at the upper floor area to uplight the exposed wood structure and finishes. Landscaped bioswales along the front ingeniously drain to a retention pond at the highway intersection. For graphic impact, an art installation titled “Teamwork” fronts the main stair tower that faces the highway. To preserve the existing large fir and cedar trees in the centre of the site, the new hall was situated in front of them.

Completing the build, is an onsite sewage treatment plant, emergency generator and a stand-along storage facility for site maintenance.

Futuristic design meets vintage trucks

Port Moody Inlet Centre Fire Hall (Fire Hall No.1)

The assignment? Replace the aging Fire Hall No.1 in the City of Port Moody.

Expand operations and provide better, faster coverage to the city. The new facility offers 2 sets of high bay parking areas for 7 trucks in total. And the building is designed house administration, on-call and training facilities. A special accommodation was made to showcase a vintage fire truck collection. The new Fire hall is also designed as a post-disaster facility.

Number 8 is a 10

Abbotsford Fire Hall No.8

Presenting Abbotsford Fire Hall No.8,

a new facility that offers up two new drive-through bays serving a growing municipality. A large fitness area has direct access to an upper floor deck that looks out to the adjacent public park to the east. A hose tower at the rear of the hall is designed to accommodate training facilities and features a sloped, shingled roof with glazing at the top floor and a balcony for training.

Respecting the environment, the project is designed to LEED silver standards.

People want to adopt this building too

Surrey Animal Resource Center

Design a beautiful, functional building and then watch its use increase.

That was the intention with the city of Surrey’s new Animal Resource Centre.

By designing the facility as a community attraction, visitors are maximized, which happily also maximizes the opportunities for animal adoptions. The building isn’t just friendly to animals, it’s earth friendly, as well. Designed to LEED Silver standard, it features extensive daylighting via windows and solar tubes, geothermal heating and cooling, sensor/timer controlled lights and on-site storm water retention with bioswales and retention ponds. The adoptions area features viewing/socializing rooms. Other rooms include small animal viewing, a retail shop and volunteer facilities. You can even wash your dog there in the dog washing facilities. Surfaces are washable to help avoid infections Redundant systems and emergency power capabilities exceed the CCAC – CCPA standards for animal care.

Our best design for man’s best friend

Vancouver Police Department Dog Squad Facility

Hard working police dogs deserve a nice home.

Our new Police Dog Squad facility for the City of Vancouver, accommodates 20 enclosed, two-compartment kennels each with natural light, epoxy floors and walls and both forced air and in-floor heating for the dog’s comfort and safety. There are also 8 rapid access kennels immediately adjacent to the main building. Support spaces include an administration office, a classroom, male and female change rooms, a secure  storage room and a fitness area. For use on swing shifts, there are two acoustically isolated bunk rooms with a nearby kitchen. An all-weather grass training field lets the public watch the dogs in action.