A healthy new way of looking at things

Surrey Urgent Primary Care Centre

British Columbia is in the process of transitioning its health system to a unified system of team-based primary and community care.

Local centres will deliver services to people who need them, by the right provider at the right time. The Ministry of Health approved the funding for this program in December 2017. And Surrey was selected as the first of its kind in this new approach to care. Surrey Urgent Primary Care Centre services the North Surrey/Whalley area. The target patients are the most vulnerable part of the local population – people who have no doctor. Many of these people may also have mental health issues. Currently they may seek help at a shelter – or they may not get treatment at all. The proposed Urgent Primary Care Centre will provide the residents of Surrey timely access to primary care services in response to an urgent need.

Colour is the best medicine.


Our prescription for a rather drab, existing 1000SF of space currently used for ultrasound scanning? Colour.

And lot of it. The new layout provides 4 scanning rooms, an improved staff work area, and 2 shared washrooms – one within the original space and another in an adjacent space. As the facility is for children, the scanning room is designed to provide a comfortable environment to help children feel relaxed and safe. The traditional clinical look is anything but this. So we filled the room with colour to help make it feel friendly.

The result? A space that is both memorable and welcoming for families.