All parks should be this green

Clean Energy Technology Park, Surrey

The Surrey City Development Corporation had a unique ask.

Come up with a plan to develop the 25 arce site in Campbell Heights North into a Clean Energy Technology Park. A visionary master plan was developed to provide a hub for research, manufacturing and commercial use for the clean energy sector and other associated supporting technology sectors. This unique tech park will be a living lab for the advancement of Clean energy technology. It will also promote healthy working and living lifestyles And inspire potential for collaboration.

The Masterplan we provided is characterized by the Energy Plaza which is an urban green space with these features. A geothermal field provides the alternative energy source for the commercialization centre.

Storm Water Management is provided by a detention pond. Perforated paving material is used for the pedestrian walk and bike path. A recycle depot is on site and centrally located. There’s a district power plant that can tie into the geothermal field if it expands to service the entire park. For recreation, there’s a basketball court and a volleyball court. Extensive walking and bike trails connect to the pedestrian walkway.

The final green touch is the use of native plants to cut down on irrigation needs and maintenance.