Strong colours, strong design

Vancouver Island University International Centre for Sturgeon Studies

This is one of only four research facilities dedicated to the study of sturgeon in the world. A rarity.

And rare in its  thoughtful design, as well. This 2-storey building is a prime example of how a small, modest and tight budget project can stand out among building groups in the campus by employing a strong but natural colour palette.

Cleverly, ordinary building material was turned into an economical but elegant solution.

The building is located on a sloped site which is at the highest point of the whole campus. It is half buried into the slope. The ground floor is fitted with large and small tanks and all tank rooms are windowless so that pre-programmed lighting can be used. On the exterior, a colour pattern that represents the harmony of earth, water and sky was employed. An artfully articulated fenestration for the facade helped the building stand out at the campus’ highest point. Among the sustainable features of this building will be a waste water discharge system that allows collection for use in a grey water reuse system in the future.