It’s chic! Not geek

Technology Enterprise Park (TEP 1), Atlanta, Georgia

The tech sector badly needs some style.

And this 5-storey, multi-tenant research building is an eye-catching start.

It presents a strong corporate image for growing technology companies, while accommodating their diverse research needs.  The use of “plug and play” open work spaces with highly integrated services infrastructure deliver excellent flexibility in the building.

This lab is fab

Simon Fraser University Technology and Science Complex (Tasc 2)

When we started design on this project we didn’t know the specific users. A little unusual, but we allowed for it in the process. We designed a space that incorporates a generic, modular, and highly flexible approach to the building layout based on what would normally be used for a commercial multi-tenant model. The resulting 3-storey research building is suitable for a wide range of research activities including highly specialized research and support office space for science and engineering. Space was built for wet labs, dry labs, offices, meeting rooms, laser labs, clean rooms, STEM microscopes and a vivarium and production studio once we confirmed the specific user needs. TASC 2 is part of the campus pedestrian network system and includes two major public spaces.

The client said:
 The design team… whose inspiration and energy led a group of researchers with diverse objectives to create a facility that established a new baseline for university research facilities...masterfully piloted an innovative solution.
Bill Nelson, Project Services Manager