Can a parking lot be beautiful?

Vancouver International Airport Templeton Value Long Term Parking Lot

Our challenge was to encompass 3 architectural components with one shared design structure without compromising individual identity and function.

The solution involved a cost-effective modular and highly re-adaptable approach in which the vehicular entry gate canopies, the pedestrian canopies and the bus shelter exude one Architectural language.

A structural roof frame that incorporates an aerodynamic gesture was used as a module and sized to reflect the dimensional requirement of each function. When combined in different configurations and quantity, the modules create the form that best suits each use. 71 modules were used for the pedestrian walkway canopy. PVC coated fabric was selected as the rood covering for economy, and speed of fabrication and installation. For the entry gate and bus station, architectural deck and standing seam metal roofs were chosen for durability and aesthetics.

The modular approach is based on re-usability, future adaptability and minimum construction wastage