Amaury Retailleau

M.Arch., B.Arch., Intern Architect AIBC

Intern Architect AIBC

In an office full of well-travelled people, Amaury may just take the crown when it comes to travelling! Having lived in all continents apart from Antarctica and South America, Amaury is inspired by his work experience in Switzerland, France, Thailand, Cameroon, and Nepal, where he worked on residential, commercial and hospitality projects.
Amaury developed a passion for architecture at a young age while biking in the Gardens of Versailles, and it’s only continued to grow – he still loves learning about new architectural techniques. He specializes in physical environment analyses for design and is a pro at 3D modelling, but is also driven by a desire to encourage sustainability.
Amaury is always down to grab a beer or coffee with friends and see what’s new in the city. He has also developed a slight obsession with snowboarding since moving to Vancouver…