Bob Tam

B.Arch.SC., D.Tech.

Associate, Project Manager

To the non-technical among us, the technically gifted leave us in awe. Bob Tam is one of those gifted wizards. He began as a technician and thus, can effortlessly transition a project from schematic design to construction drawings. Then you’re off to the races. Bob graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (B.C.I.T.) with a diploma in Architectural Building Engineering Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture Science in 2006. Tam joined CTA in 2007 as a technologist, became a Project Manager in 2018 and an associate in 2022. His experience is well-rounded, including everything from small renovations to large public-private partnership projects. Bob is an expert with 3D modelling and whips up ultra realistic renderings to help visually illustrate design ideas and options to our clients. He can detail complex construction with scary accuracy. It’s technical but its got soul. Tam is an avid hockey player and is on the ice several times a week. Bet he could design some amazing plays.