Byung-Hee Kang

B.Env.D, M.Arch., Architect AIBC, AAA, LEED AP, CPTED Certified


Design can do amazing things. Like preventing us from destroying the planet. And preventing crime. Meet an architect well versed in both feats, Byung-Hee Kang. Byung-Hee graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2008. He became a part of CTA in 2018. Byung-Hee has an envious multi-cultural viewpoint due to working in Australia and Korea, as well as, Canada. As a registered architect, his experience ranges from renovating commercial buildings to University campus master planning. As a LEED AP, he’s involved in space planning and making sure environmental goals on each project are met. He is also CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) trained and frankly, this makes us all feel just a little safer having him around.