Erl Teichroeb

Architectural Technologist AIBC

Project Manager - Production And Software

A company that wants to maintain the very highest standards needs someone to lend a watchful eye. Erl performs this duty relentlessly for us here at CTA. He graduated from Vancouver Vocational Institute (now Vancouver Community College) and then took courses at BCIT in the 1990’s in drafting and building technology. In 2003, he joined CTA and was promoted to Project Manager in 2018. His bailiwick? Production quality control and standards, as well as, software management. Erl manages large and small production teams and is responsible for both the quality and clarity of construction documents. He gives particular attention to cost effectiveness, practical details, long term durability and maintenance. Erl was an early adopter of 3D modelling and uses it to resolve complicated construction details and building systems coordination. In fact, he is so adept at 3D modelling he was an instructor at Capilano College for 10 years. Erl has been known to dabble in philosophy. Our philosophy about him: Accept nothing but the best.