Urnatsetseg Munkhbayar

Architect AIBC, M. Arch., M. Urban Design

Architect AIBC

Urantsetseg thinks of herself as a holistic architect. What do we mean by that? She believes architecture is part of the human body, mind and soul. We believe that’s a great philosophy. Urna graduated in 2011 from the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and received a Master of Urban Design degree from UBC in 2017. She joined CTA in 2017. Munkhbayar has over 7 years of architectural experience. A great believer in doing her research before embarking on a project, Urnaa looks for solutions that contribute towards sustainability and the overall reduction of environmental impact. Naturally, she is deeply interested in utilizing space in all her projects and she stresses the need that it be highly functional. Artistic at heart, Urnaa loves hiking, climbing, snowboarding and skateboarding. She also likes sketching, and painting – both acrylic and watercolours. We’d say that’s picture perfect for a successful approach to a career in architecture.