Vjekica (Vicki) Sucic Hruskovec

BEDS M. Arch., Architect AIBC, AAPEI, MRAIC


Heard the one about the medical student who became an architect? We have, from our very talented Vicki. She was on her way to a Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Sarajevo when she caught the architecture bug. This course correction led her to attending Dalhousie University in Halifax and completing her BEDS Program in 2001 and the Masters of Architecture program in 2003. Vicki joined CTA in 2015, became an Associate in 2018 and a Principal in 2019. Given her medical background, it’s fitting that she specializes in healthcare, long-term care, mental health and research. She also has commercial, retail and national defence facilities in her portfolio. Ask our clients and they’ll tell you that Vicki is a skilled designer who offers expressive, functional and cost-effective solutions to their design challenges. She’s also a joy to work with – talk about great bedside manner.