Weronika Michalska


Project Designer

If you ask Weronika what her favourite design is, she’ll tell you, “simple”. CTA’s Project Designer loves clean simple work, despite her vast array of high analytical and technical skills. About those skill, Weronika graduated in 2012 from Poland’s University of Ecology and Management and in 2015 from The Academy of Fine Arts. She joined us in 2017, bringing with her over 9 years of well-rounded architectural experience in the public and commercial sector. She’s done everything from concepts to the construction stage. Large scale projects include hospitals, a water park, a theatre, a shopping mall and a museum. Plus one of the largest railway stations in Poland, where she spent over 2 years working on the site in the international environment. Her process is a blend of science and architecture. Weronika is very much a visual thinker and so she presents all ideas and forms as drawings. Passions include kickboxing, outdoor climbing and painting. She loves travel, too. Canada was the 18th country she had visited. She fell in love with it and decided to stay. Simple.