Vivian Chai


Project Manager - Design Leader

So much of what makes design exciting is accepting the challenge to create that balance between constructability, budget, durability, and aesthetics while delivering the client’s vision in full capacity. Vivian Chai lives and breathes this philosophy. Through guidance, collaboration, and creativity, the end result is often a culmination of textures, colours, and forms beyond her client’s imagination. Vivian graduated from the Osaka University of Arts in Japan in 1991. She has been a Senior Designer with CTA since 2004 and became the Project Manager in 2018. Vivian has over 20 years of experience in interior architecture, graphic design, interior furnishing, and accessibility design. Her specialty is in government and public institutions, advanced education, and workplace design. The spectrum of creativity that Vivian brings to every project spans from spatial design — developing functional layouts and creating exciting spatial experiences — to emphasizing contemporary aesthetics through her choices of colours and textures. Given her passion for spicing things up, it’s only fitting that she dances salsa in her time off.