Coolest design ever

TRIUMF – Compressor Building, UBC

Who says a compressor building can’t be cool?

This accessory building, part of the ARIEL (Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory) at UBC, is a new free standing building that houses a compressor room for cryogenic equipment. The new ARIEL facility requires the cryogenic system for the process of cooling associated with the e-linac. Located on the south of the Experimental Hall and the existing cooling towers, it will have helium buffer tanks located on a steel rack beside the building. An overhead Mechanical and electrical service trunk carrying helium pipes and ionized water, as well as, electrical and communication conduits connects the Compressor building to the Electron Hall. For the TRIUMF staff, we incorporated a new covered bicycle storage area at the end of the trip facility.We also allowed  for a volleyball court in the neighbouring courtyard between the buildings. And just because the building is utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t have personality, so we chose a strong vibrant colour for the west facade. An articulated wood  structure for the canopy reinforces the recreational nature of the adjacent open space.

Lean, Green, and Clean

TRIUMF – Store Building, UBC

This 2-storey building’s main purpose is to provide centralized storage and pick-up/delivery of material to the whole of TRIUMF.

The storage function occupies the main floor. And the second floor houses the design office of TRIUMF, TRIUMF is a secured site with only controlled access from the outside. The Store Building is one of the two buildings within the property that allows this controlled access. The building is designed with an industrial, contemporary expression on the exterior. The interior planning of the store is based on the security function of the building and the efficient flow of material. The offices on the 2nd floor feature an open plan with auxiliary supporting functions and ample windows around the perimeter of the building. Designed with sustainable principles in mind the building is LEED Gold standard. The compact footprint, efficient planning  and natural light formed the starting principles.